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Unusual Succulent Collection

Unusual Succulent Collection

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3 x 9cm Succulents

A great opportunity to start a succulent collection! These plants require the same conditions, so they can be planted together or individually and arranged in groups.

Sedum nussbaumerianum: A fascinating Sedum with striking bronze-coppery tones on their golden-yellow succulent leaves. Branching, trailing growth habit.
Height & spread: 10cm x 20cm (Half-hardy perennial)
Senecio serpens: A dwarf ‘finger’ foliage succulent with vivid blue-green foliage. Spreading, carpet growth habit.
Height & spread: 12cm x8cm (Tender perennial)
Pachyphytum bracteosum - The leaves of this fascinating succulent resemble a cluster of shiny white pebbles! Compact, spreading growth habit.
Height & spread: 12cm x 10cm (Tender perennial)

Plant with other succulents and alpines in gravel beds or containers. Water moderately during the growing season and keep almost dry during colder months. Provide a frost-free environment over winter or grow as houseplants on a sunny windowsill.

NB: Succulents change colour and shape through the year depending on the growing environment and may look different from these photos!

We reserve the right to substitute plants with a similar variety depending on availability.

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