About Succulents

Succulent Aeonium Kiwi

are evergreen succulents that bear neat rosettes of fleshy leaves on branching stems. They are native plants from the Canary Islands and North Africa. In frost prone areas, grow as a house plant or in a glasshouse/conservatory. In warmer climates grow in moderately fertile soil in a gravel or well-drained rock garden. They are ideal as container plants that can be brought inside during the winter months if necessary. 

Echeverias are succulent, rosette forming evergreen plants native to Mexico, Central and South America. They are drought tolerant and a good choice for planting in gravel gardens, paved areas, pots and containers. They work really well mixed with other succulents and alpines and can be grown as a houseplant on a sunny windowsill. They are tender plants that will need protection when temperatures drop below freezing.

Sempervivums also called houseleeks or hen-and-chicks are hardy succulent alpine plants that grow in rocky habitats in mountainous areas. They are easy to grow and tolerate extreme temperatures and drought. They prefer a sunny position in well drained soil or compost with some sharp grit added for drainage. Mulch the soil surface with grit to prevent the leaves getting wet.

Sedums in the stonecrop group are succulent plants with evegreen fleshy leaves and small nectar rich flowers that attract pollinating insects. They originate in dry rocky locations so are very drought tolerant. They are good ground cover plants and used on green roofs or as an alternative to grass lawns. The tender varieties make good houseplants that can be moved outdoors in summer.

NB: Some succulents change colour through the year and may look different from the photographs!

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