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Camellia flowers are incredibly beautiful and bring colour and vibrancy into the garden during the cold, darker months. The glossy, evergreen foliage provides year-round interest and a backdrop for plants that flower later in the season. Each variety has an individual look and personality. We love them and hope you do too!

Camellias are easy to grow…here are a few top tips on how to grow happy plants!

They thrive in the shady parts of the garden which makes them a good choice for the tricky areas that only get sun for part of the day. Provide some shelter from cold wind and avoid planting in east-facing areas as the combination of frost and direct morning sun will spoil the flowers.

Camellias are ericaceous plants, which dislike lime and need to grow in an acid soil. A pH range of 5.5 – 6.5 is ideal, but if your garden pH is not suitable, you can grow them in a large pot using good quality loam based, ericaceous compost.

Good soil preparation is the key to growing any plants successfully and Camellias are no different! Improve the drainage and the organic matter content of the soil prior to planting by digging in a generous amount of soil conditioner or leaf mould and adding a suitable slow-release fertiliser.

It is very important when planting not to plant too deeply. Camellias have a shallow root system and should be planted no deeper than it is in its pot. Mulch the surface with compost or bark to prevent water loss from the soil surface and keep the roots cool.

Water regularly while your plant gets established and especially during prolonged dry periods. The flowering buds are formed during the summer months, so it is important not to let the plant dry out during this time. Keep an eye on new plants and those in containers, which are most vulnerable.

You can prune your Camellia when it has finished flowering by removing any damaged or undesirable growth. Then you can lightly prune to retain the shape or harder to reduce the size.

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