About Rhododendrons

Rohododendron flower

Rhododendrons are hardy evergreen shrubs that produce a stunning display of colourful, exotic flowers in Spring and early Summer. They are perfect for informal planting schemes and woodland gardens and grow best in dappled shade under the canopy of trees. They are a good choice for a north facing border, with some varieties perfect for a flowering hedge or screen planting.

We have selected some of the best exotic hybrids which are easy to grow provided they have the right conditions. Plant in moist, well drained acid soil (pH 4.5 – 6) with a high organic matter content. Prior to planting prepare the plant hole by digging in plenty of leaf mould or organic soil conditioner. Avoid planting to deeply by positioning the plant in the ground at the same level it was in the pot. Rhododendrons are shallow rooting and would benefit from a deep mulch of leaf mould or compost around the base after planting to help conserve moisture and keep the roots cool.

No pruning is necessary apart from the removal of misplaced or crossing shoots after flowering, which will help maintain a healthy and neat framework. Water well until established and during prolonged dry periods.

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