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Tea Plant

Tea Plant

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Camellia sinensis var. assamica

If your fond of a good cuppa, then why not grow your own tea! It’s perfectly possible and easier than you might think to grow at home. Harvest the young fresh leaves to experience this taste sensation It is also a beautiful plant with glossy green evergreen leaves and masses of small white fragrant flowers in Autumn.

There are a few tricks you ensure your plant is happy but get these right and your plant will thrive. Grow in partial shade, west or south-west facing is ideal and like the ornamental Camellias it needs a well-drained acidic (lime-free) soil or ericaceous compost if growing in a container. Tea plants do not tolerate cold well, so you will need to provide winter protection in a glasshouse or conservatory they also look great grown indoors as a houseplant!

Makes a great gift and comes with growing instructions
Supplied height 20-30cm

Please see here for instructions

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