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Sempervivum Collection

Sempervivum Collection

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3 x 9cm Sempervivum

Sempervivums or houseleeks and hen-and-chicks are very hardy succulent alpine plants that grow in the rocky habitats in mountainous areas. They are easy to grow and will tolerate extreme temperatures and drought. They prefer a sunny position in well-drained soil or compost with sharp grit added for drainage. Mulch the soil surface with grit to prevent the leaves getting wet and to prevent rotting.

Sempervivum arachnoideum - A very dramatic looking evergreen alpine with succulent rosettes of mid-green to red leaves that are cobwebbed with fine white hairs.
Height & spread: 10cm x 30cm
Sempervivum Star*TM Sirus - A wonderful variety succulent has striking green foliage with dark almost black tips. Offsets emerge on slightly extended tendrils.
Height & spread 5cm x 15cm
Sempervivum ‘Standard Green’ – A matt-forming evergreen succulent with rosettes of fleshy pointed green leaves.
Height & spread: 5cm x 15cm

Native to: Central and southern Europe & Mediterranean Islands

NB: Succulents change colour and shape through the year depending on the growing environment and may look different from these photos!

 We reserve the right to substitute plants with a similar variety depending on availability.

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