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Pachyphytum bracteosum

Pachyphytum bracteosum

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Pachyphytum bracteosum

The leaves of this fascinating succulent resemble a cluster of shiny white pebbles! Perfect for planting in gravel areas and paving or mixing with other low growing succulents and alpines to add texture to your scheme. Can be grown as a houseplant on a sunny windowsill.

Grow in full sun in well-drained soil. Mix quality potting compost with perlite or course horticultural grit to provide good drainage. Water moderately during the growing season and keep almost dry during colder months. This is a tender plant and so requires a minimum temperature of 5 degrees C.

Native to: Mexico
Eventual Height & Spread: 12cm x 10cm
Growth habit: Compact, spreading
Flowering time: Summer
Supplied height: 10cm (approx.)

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