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Magnolia Stellata

Magnolia Stellata

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Magnolia stellata (Star Magnolia)

Beautiful spring flowering tree with masses of large white, fragrant, star shaped flowers on bare branches followed by the leaves in early spring. It forms a small spreading tree or large bushy shrub and makes an ideal specimen plant for a small garden.

Plant in a sunny sheltered location avoiding an east facing aspect as the combination of frost and direct morning sun will spoil the flowers. Magnolias require an acid soil so prepare the ground well prior to planting by adding soil conditioner and slow-release fertiliser and plant in the hole so it is at the same level in the ground as it is in the pot. After planting mulch the soil surface to preserve moisture.If growing in a pot use a good quality compost with added slow release fertiliser  and water in regularly.

Eventual height & spread: 2m x 3m
Flowering period: Spring
Aspect: Sun/semi-shade.
Soil type: Acidic/moist/well drained
*Magnolias are deciduous trees and are dormant during the winter months and will have bare branches if purchased during this time.

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