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Faucaria tuberculosa

Faucaria tuberculosa

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Faucaria tuberculosa
Warty Tiger Jaws

The wedge-shaped leaves of this succulent are edged with soft white spines and bear warty growths (tubercules) on the upper surface, hence its common name Warty Tiger Jaws! Yellow flowers are produced in late summer, although they only open on sunny days.

Grow in full sun in well-drained soil. Mix quality potting compost with perlite or course horticultural grit to provide good drainage. Water thoroughly and then allow the plant to dry out completely before watering again. This is a half-hardy perennial, so is tolerant of low temperatures but needs protection from frost.

Native to: South Africa
Eventual Height & Spread: 6cm x 10cm
Growth habit: Clump forming
Flowering time: Summer

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