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Echeveria glauca

Echeveria glauca

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Echeveria glauca

An attractive variety with spatula shaped, pale blue-grey leaves, producing tall stems of urn-shaped red and yellow flowers in summer. In frost free areas it can be used in rockeries, paving and gravel gardens or mixed with other low growing plants such as Sedums, Semperviviums and Aeoniums. Can also be grown as a houseplant and well suited to growing in a glasshouse or conservatory.

Prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Mix quality potting compost with perlite or coarse horticultural grit to provide good drainage. Water thoroughly and then allow the plant to dry out completely before watering again. To keep this plant over winter, provide a frost-free environment.

Eventual height & spread: 7cm x 10cm
Growth habit: Compact
Flowering time: Summer

NB: Succulents change colour and shape through the year depending on the growing environment and may look different from these photos!

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