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Echeveria Collection

Echeveria Collection

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3 x 9cm Echeveria

Echeverias are succulent rosette forming evergreen plants, native to Mexico, central and south America. They are tender plants which can live outdoors during the warmer months but will need protection when temperatures drop below freezing.

Echeveria elegans: A cute fleshy variety with blue-white curving lobes and delicate flowers extending from the base in summer.
Height & spread: 7cm x 10cm
Echeveria lilaciana: Attractive, slow growing, compact succulent with rosettes of chalky white leaves tinged with blue that develop a pink tinge in stronger light.
Height & spread: 15cm x 17cm
Echeveria cana: A tender clump-forming perennial succulent with a rosette of broad glaucus, blue-green leaves which forms unusual finger like columns.
Height & spread 16cm x 8cm

Grow in full sun or part shade in well-drained soil. Mix quality potting compost with perlite or coarse horticultural grit to provide good drainage. Water thoroughly and then allow the plant to dry out completely before watering again.

NB: Succulents change colour and shape through the year depending on the growing environment and may look different from these photos!

We reserve the right to substitute plants with a similar variety depending on availability.

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