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Dicksonia antarctica

Dicksonia antarctica

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Dicksonia antartica *(AGM)
Australian Tree Fern

Here is the cance to start off your very own tree fern and watch it develop over time!

The gorgeous tree fern will add a tropical feel to the garden with their large palm-like fronds and fibrous trunks. Native to Australia where they grow in temperate woodlands and are slow growing at up to 30cm/year. They are hardy in mild areas of the UK where they tolerate temperatures down to -5C so require a sheltered position in the garden or cool conservatory. Alternatively, you can grow them in a suitable container that can be moved for winter protection.

Grow in moist humus-rich soil in partial shade and protect from strong winds. Dig in well-rotted leaf mould and sharp sand prior to planting. Remove old fronds in spring after frosts to allow new growth to uncurl and feed during the growing season to achieve large, lush fronds. In hot dry weather spray foliage and trunk regularly to keep moist and in severe winters cover the crown to protect from frost.

Native to: Australia & New Zealand
Eventual Height: 3m x 3m
Supplied height: 30-40cm
Sold as a juvenile 2 litre plant and dispatched in growing pot!

*Award of Garden Merit (AGM) is awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS); the plant performs reliably in normal garden conditions.

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