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Camellia Margaret Davis

Camellia Margaret Davis

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Camellia japonica 'Margaret Davis' *(AGM)

This beauty has an air of romance and nostalgia! First introduced in the 1960's, these blooms really do have the ability to conjure up magical images of a by-gone age.

Upright growth habit and informal double, creamy white flowers edged with raspberry red, look striking against the dark glossy green foliage. Flowering from February through to March this variety would make a perfect Christmas gift for gardeners when very few plants are in flower at this time of year.

Available in a recycled terracotta coloured pot, so it is patio ready on arrival!

Eventual height & spread: 2.5-4m x 2.5-4m
Supplied height: 2L 20-30cm / 5L 40-50cm / Patio 50-60cm

General Camellia Information

• Outdoor, evergreen flowering shrub

• An ericaceous plant, so requires acid soil

• Thrives in part shady locations

• Flowers late winter/early spring

• Low maintenance, year-round interest

• Grows well in containers

• Winter hardy

*AGM plants are plants that have been awarded the Award of Garden Merit (AGM) by the Royal Horticultural Society.

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