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Camellia Autumn Flowering Collection

Camellia Autumn Flowering Collection

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3 x 1.5 litre Autumn Flowering Camellia
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A collection of beautiful autumn flowering camellias which belong to a species group known as sasanqua. They are less well known than their spring flowering japonica cousins and the flowers are smaller, but more prolific!

1. Camellia hybrid ‘Snow Flurry’ - Named for its tolerance of very cold weather and pure white, slightly scented, anemone-form flowers.
2. Camellia hybrid Winter’s Interlude’ - A camellia with small, anemone type, pink flowers in November and December.
3. Camellia hybrid ‘Winter’s Toughie’- lavender-pink, slightly scented, semi-double flowers from October and into early winter. It gets its name from the exceptionally cold hardy flower buds, so is an ideal choice for colder regions.

Upright evergreen foliage will provide year-round interest and a pop of colour just as most flowers in the garden are fading. Plant in a mixed shrub border to add some blooms from autumn into winter. Great choice for woodland gardens or planted as a screen or hedge. Grow in a shelter position with some protection from cold winds in acid to neutral well drained soil. Prune after flowering in late spring, either lightly for a larger relaxed shape or hard for a smaller more compact form.

Hybrid of Camellia oleifera & sasanqua
Eventual height & spread: 2m x 2m (approx.)
Flowering: From early autumn
Aspect: Sheltered, partial or dappled shade
Soil type: acidic / well drained / ericaceous
Winter hardy to -10C
Supplied height: 20-30cm (approx)
Dispatched in 1.5 Litre growing pot

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